Mach 5 VC10 900L - Détergent alcalin tout usage pour le nettoyage en tunnel de lavage

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Mach 5 is a highly alkaline, hard water tolerant liquid detergent, suitable for use in a wide range of spraywash and CIP cleaning applications in the food and beverage industries.     • Mach 5 is a highly alkaline liquid detergent suitable for use in hard water conditions. • Mach 5 provides
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Mach 5 is a highly alkaline, hard water tolerant liquid detergent, suitable for use in a wide range of spraywash and CIP cleaning applications in the food and beverage industries. 
 • Mach 5 is a highly alkaline liquid detergent suitable for use in hard water conditions.
• Mach 5 provides effective detergency for a wide range of spraywash and closed CIP applications in the food and beverage industries including tray and crate washing.
• Mach 5 inhibits scale build up on heat exchangers and other surfaces.
• Mach 5 aids free rinsing of items being cleaned.
 Highly concentrated formulation gives economy in use. Cuts through grease and dried-on food soiling leaving sparkling clean surface. Effective in all water conditions. Multi purpose and suitable for use on most surfaces including aluminium and other soft metals

• Mach 5 is a highly alkaline liquid detergent suitable for use in hard water conditions. • Mach 5 provides effective detergency for a wide range of spraywash and closed CIP applications in the food and beverage industries including tray and crate washing. • Mach 5 inhibits scale build up on heat exchangers and other surfaces. • Mach 5 aids free rinsing of items being cleaned.

Highly concentrated formulation gives economy in use. Cuts through grease and dried-on food soiling leaving sparkling clean surface. Effective in all water conditions. Multi purpose and suitable for use on most surfaces including aluminium and other soft metals
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