Hand-Pressure Tank Sprayer 10L (FPM) 1pc

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The 10lt sprayer Volpitech 10 is the ideal product for spraying aggressive chemical solutions and therefore recommended for disinfectants and for industrial applications. Transportable either by shoulder belt or by handle, it is equipped with FPM gaskets, flexible hose, nylon lance with adjustable
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The 10lt sprayer Volpitech 10 is the ideal product for spraying aggressive chemical solutions and therefore recommended for disinfectants and for industrial applications. Transportable either by shoulder belt or by handle, it is equipped with FPM gaskets, flexible hose, nylon lance with adjustable nozzle in PP and discharge valve set up at 3 bars. 
 Total tank capacity 10.8 lt
HD Polyethylene tank
Pressure 3 bar
Special FPM gaskets
Lance with steerable polypropylene nozzle
Also available with manometer
Also suitable for veterinary disinfection
Operating capacity 10 lt
Plastic pump
Adjustable shoulder strap and handle
1.2 mt flexible hose
Pressure discharge valve
Suitable for spraying aggressive products, pest control, industrial applications

Total tank capacity 10.8 lt HD Polyethylene tank Pressure 3 bar Special FPM gaskets Lance with steerable polypropylene nozzle Also available with manometer Also suitable for veterinary disinfection Operating capacity 10 lt Plastic pump Adjustable shoulder strap and handle 1.2 mt flexible hose Pressure discharge valve Suitable for spraying aggressive products, pest control, industrial applications
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