EnduroUniphase VE15 20L - Détergent alcalin hautement séquestrant à forte adhérence

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EnduroUniphase is a caustic foam cleaner with high sequestering activity designed for heavy duty applications in the food, beverage and dairy industries.     • EnduroUniphase contains a concentrated blend of caustic alkali, organic sequestrant and high foaming surfactants/wetting agents. It is
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EnduroUniphase is a caustic foam cleaner with high sequestering activity designed for heavy duty applications in the food, beverage and dairy industries. 
 • EnduroUniphase contains a concentrated blend of caustic alkali, organic sequestrant and high foaming surfactants/wetting agents. It is suitable for application in a wide range of soil and water hardness conditions and regular use should prevent the need for periodic acid descaling.
• EnduroUniphase is specially recommended for cleaning equipment and surfaces that are prone to formation of calcium and protein scales. These include milk-stone, beer-stone and calcium oxalates (as are commonly found in vegetable processing and the snack foods industry). It is also very effective for the removal of burnt-on soil and black-rubber tyre marks from floors.
• EnduroUniphase can be used with a wide range of foam application equipment.
 Heavy duty cleaner. Effective against a wide range of soiling. Use in hard water areas. Prevents scale build-up, no need for periodic acid cleaning. Free rinsing

• EnduroUniphase contains a concentrated blend of caustic alkali, organic sequestrant and high foaming surfactants/wetting agents. It is suitable for application in a wide range of soil and water hardness conditions and regular use should prevent the need for periodic acid descaling. • EnduroUniphase is specially recommended for cleaning equipment and surfaces that are prone to formation of calcium and protein scales. These include milk-stone, beer-stone and calcium oxalates (as are commonly found in vegetable processing and the snack foods industry). It is also very effective for the removal of burnt-on soil and black-rubber tyre marks from floors. • EnduroUniphase can be used with a wide range of foam application equipment.

Heavy duty cleaner. Effective against a wide range of soiling. Use in hard water areas. Prevents scale build-up, no need for periodic acid cleaning. Free rinsing
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